SERVICES - Maintenance of graves

Do not forget the one who gave you my love, provide a carefree childhood and provide support through life.

Cemeteries and graves are an important testimony to the history of families, cities and countries.
How we treat the graves of our deceased, so will future generations refer to us.
Although some family members and friends of the deceased, the memory of them will always remain in your hearts, happy smiles of your children and grandchildren, and of course, in your good works.
Their dilapidated monuments and graves overgrown with weeds deserve care and maintenance.

We offer help to all of you who for various reasons can not take care of the graves of their family members, relatives and friends.

Wherever you are, we will fulfill your desire with guaranteed quality work at affordable prices.
We are happy when you have peace in your heart for the graves of their loved ones.

Our core services consist of:

- Searching for the grave
Finding the grave of GPS locating and entering data into
- Photography
Photographing the current state of grave sites and send photos.
- Evaluation
Analysis of the current situation and the proposal of what needs to be done.
- Landskaping
Basic editing burial places (cleaning of weeds, debris removal and deletion of the monument).
- Reports
Sending report what has been done with photos after the completion of services.

Price of basic services is: $ 100

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