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Our software enables people to easily find where their loved ones are buried, using simple Internet search. enables you to map graveyards, cemetery plots and all of the graves. Cemetery visitors can search the database simply by entering the first or the last name of the deceased person. The map will display the exact GPS location of the grave site of the deceased person. allows you to create cemetery web page and enter data on the deceased. If you are using some other program for cemetery management we can help you import data from the existing application into and give you full technical support.

Your web site can also display a map of graveyards, cemetery plots or you can offer burial sites search.
Not all of us can remember the exact locations of grave sites; we lose our memory with age, while the younger generation may be the first time visitors to the cemetery trying to find their ancestors. Sometimes searching for a grave after a heavy rain or snow can be very difficult and time consuming. gives you the opportunity to develop and improve the funeral business.
Due to work obligations or dislocation to another city or state, many people do not have the time to visit and take care of burial places of loved ones, and they would gladly pay someone to do it for them. Allow family and friends to send flowers online or arrange contracts and maintenance of the grave site.

The price for the software is 1 cent per month per grave site.
For example: If you are managing a cemetery that has up to 5000 grave sites your monthly fee is only $ 50.

You don't have a website?
For additional $9.00 per month you can have your own website.

We offer 100 % program functionality guarantee and customers satisfaction.

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